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MAT Control

Laboratory for the Preparation of
Quality Control Materials

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Dept. Química Analítica
Facultat de Química
Universitat de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
Telf. 93 4037274
Fax. 93 4021233
R + D + I

European Project VI-RM (Virtual Institute for Reference Materials).

University of Barcelona, through the research group Qüestram, is founding member of the Virtual Institute for Reference Materials which aim to become a meeting point for producers and users of Reference Materials.

European Project SWIFT-WFD (Screening methods for water data information in support of the implementation of the water framework directive).

University of Barcelona, through the laboratory MAT CONTROL, is a project partner participating in the workpackage related with quality control. The two main aims of the workpackage are:

  • To elaborate specific guidelines to be considered in the validation step of the screening methods.
  • - To prepare calibrants and reference materials considering the parameters and type of water matrices covered in the Water Framework Directive.