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MAT Control

Laboratory for the Preparation of
Quality Control Materials

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Dept. Química Analítica
Facultat de Química
Universitat de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
Telf. 93 4037274
Fax. 93 4021233

Analytical laboratories are required to guarantee the reliability of their results.

The use of reference materials (RMs) in quality control, and participation in proficiency testing schemes are two of the most useful tools for laboratories that are accredited or in the process of obtaining accreditation, according to ISO norm 17025.

A research group (QÜESTRAM) at the Analytical Chemistry Department of the University of Barcelona has set up the MAT CONTROL Laboratory (Reference MATerials for Quality CONTROL).

The MAT CONTROL laboratory specializes in the organization of activities related with environmental and agro-food reference materials.

The fundamental aims of MAT CONTROL are:

  • To produce environmental and agro-food RMs, as well as “made-to-measure” RMs according to customer requirements.
  • To organize periodic proficiency testing schemes.
  • To advise on subjects related to quality assurance requirements in analytical laboratories.